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Acoustic Movable Walls specialises in acoustic partitioning with moving designs, offering innovative solutions for versatile space management. 

With a focus on quality and functionality, we provide customisable wall systems to meet diverse design needs.

These movable walls enhance acoustic performance, providing flexibility in configuring spaces according to specific requirements. 

Whether creating private meeting rooms in open office setups or dividing event spaces for different functions, Acoustic Movable Walls ensures that each wall system is tailored to blend seamlessly with the environment’s existing aesthetics.

If you are interested in having acoustic movable walls installed at your home or workplace, please make sure to contact our team today for the very best prices.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing our acoustic partitions ensures superior sound performance and a flexible operable wall system.

At Acoustic Movable Walls, we prioritise creating spaces that look impressive and function optimally. 

Our acoustic solutions are designed to enhance privacy and productivity by effectively reducing noise transfer between areas. Our sliding folding partitions add a touch of elegance while maximising versatility in space utilisation. 

These partitions optimise room layouts and promote a seamless flow of communication within different sections. 

The innovative operable wall features allow for effortless customisation, enabling quick adaptations to varying needs and activities.

Acoustic Wall Costs

Acoustic walls cost between £800-£1200 per linear metre.

The cost of acoustic walls varies based on the technical specifications and customisation required for individual projects. 

At Acoustic Movable Walls, we provide detailed quotes tailored to meet specific needs and budget constraints.

Factors influencing the costs of acoustic walls are primarily the materials used, the thickness of the panels, and the level of sound insulation required. 

Acoustic Wall Costs

Customisation options like finishes, colour choices, and additional features also play a key role in determining the overall cost. 

Acoustic Movable Walls ensures transparency in pricing by breaking down costs for clients, allowing them to see how each element contributes to the total. 

This approach helps clients make informed decisions and enables us to adjust solutions to fit various financial plans.

Benefits Of Acoustic Movable Walls

Acoustic movable walls offer a range of benefits, including exceptional versatility, easy installation processes, and enhanced privacy solutions. 

These walls provide a dynamic way to optimise space functionality.

One of the key advantages of acoustic movable walls is their ability to transform a large open space into smaller, more intimate areas with ease. 

These walls can be effortlessly moved and configured to create separate rooms or open up space as needed, making them a flexible solution for various settings.

Their quick installation process saves time and minimises disruptions during the setup phase. 

The option for soundproofing also ensures privacy and improved acoustics within different environments, enhancing user comfort and overall experience in the space.


The versatility of acoustic partitions lies in their ability to transform spaces, creating adaptable environments tailored to specific needs.

By utilising individual panels, these partitions offer flexibility and functionality.

Each panel can be easily rearranged or removed, allowing swift modifications to a space’s layout and design. 

Whether you need to divide a room for a meeting or open it up for a collaborative session, the individual panels make it simple to adjust on the fly.

The acoustic partitions serve as a visual barrier and sound-absorbing elements, enhancing privacy and reducing noise pollution. 

This dual purpose makes them an ideal solution for modern workspaces that value both flexibility and comfort.

Easy Installation

Acoustic movable walls’ easy installation process involves efficient floor track systems and streamlined panel construction

By focusing on the outer panel design, installation becomes seamless and hassle-free.

The first step in setting up acoustic movable walls is to carefully lay down the floor tracks according to the layout plan. T

hese floor track systems serve as the foundation for the entire wall structure, ensuring stability and smooth movement.

Next, the optimised panel construction allows for easy assembly and disassembly, making the installation process quick and efficient. 

A key factor in achieving a hassle-free installation experience is the outer panel design, which should be meticulously crafted to fit seamlessly into place, creating a visually pleasing and functional barrier.

Customisable Options

Customisable options for acoustic movable walls include features like glass partitions, varied surface finishes, and acoustic seals for enhanced performance. 

These customisation choices cater to diverse design preferences and functional requirements.

Regarding glass partitions, the options are vast – from clear glass to frosted or even tinted varieties, allowing you to strike a balance between privacy and openness in your space. 

The surface finishes can range from sleek to textured, complementing different interior styles seamlessly.

Implementing acoustic seals can significantly improve sound insulation, making these walls perfect for offices, conference rooms, or even residential spaces where privacy is key. 

The versatility of these customisable features makes them adaptable to various design aesthetics and acoustical needs.

Increased Privacy

Acoustic movable walls provide increased privacy through effective sound reduction mechanisms, acoustic screens, and convenient pass-door options. These privacy-enhancing features ensure a comfortable and secluded environment as needed.

Sound reduction mechanisms play a crucial role in preventing noise from travelling between spaces, allowing individuals to focus and engage without distractions. 

The incorporation of acoustic screens further enhances the privacy aspect by visually dividing areas while also contributing to sound absorption.

The integration of pass door solutions offers a seamless way to enter and exit the enclosed space without compromising the overall sound insulation. 

This combination of features creates a confidential environment suitable for various settings, such as offices, conference rooms, or educational facilities.

What Types Of Acoustic Movable Walls Are Available?

A variety of acoustic movable walls are available, including:

  • Folding partitions
  • Sliding walls
  • Accordion walls
  • Modular walls
  • Retractable walls
  • Demountable walls.

 Each type offers unique benefits for diverse spatial requirements.

Folding Walls

Folding walls provide efficient sound insulation and customisable specifications to meet specific design requirements. These partitions offer flexibility in space division and acoustic performance.

The ability to adjust the sound insulation level makes folding walls a practical choice in various environments, from bustling offices to serene conference rooms. 

With a focus on maintaining acoustic integrity, these partitions ensure privacy and concentration are preserved within the divided spaces.

The customisable specifications of folding walls allow for seamless integration into any architectural design. 

Whether it’s a contemporary open-plan layout or a traditional segmented space, these partitions effortlessly enhance the aesthetic appeal while serving functional purposes.

Sliding Walls

Sliding walls, including sliding folding partitions with individual panels, excel in sound absorption and provide versatile space management solutions. 

These walls offer efficient utilisation of space with enhanced acoustic properties.

The flexibility of sliding walls allows for easy customisation of space according to specific needs, making them ideal for various settings such as offices, conference rooms, and event venues. 

Their innovative design enables seamless transition between open layouts and smaller enclosed areas, creating a dynamic environment that can adapt to changing requirements.

Another advantage of sliding walls is the ease of installation and operation, requiring minimal effort to rearrange the space efficiently. 

This feature is particularly beneficial for spaces that need frequent reconfiguration to cater to different activities or events.

The individual panels in sliding walls can be designed with different materials and finishes to complement the overall aesthetics of the room, enhancing the visual appeal while still ensuring optimal sound insulation.

Types Of Acoustic Movable Walls

Accordion Walls

Accordion walls feature acoustic infill materials and movable design options that adapt to different floor configurations. 

These walls offer a dynamic solution for space division with added acoustic benefits.

One of the key features of accordion walls is their versatility in catering to various spatial requirements. 

Whether creating separate meeting areas in an open-plan office or dividing a large conference room into smaller breakout spaces, accordion walls can easily be adjusted to fit the desired layout.

The acoustic infill components in these walls provide visual separation and enhance the overall acoustic performance of a space. 

This is particularly beneficial in environments where noise control is essential, such as classrooms, offices, or healthcare facilities.

Modular Walls

Modular walls provide flexible building design solutions, acting as versatile partition walls that enhance space’s sound management. 

These walls offer a customisable approach to spatial division and acoustic control.

One of the key benefits of modular walls lies in their ability to cater to diverse acoustic needs while maintaining a sleek and modern aesthetic. 

Whether in open-plan office layouts, educational institutions, or healthcare facilities, these walls can create separate areas without compromising on sound quality. 

Modular walls ensure a quiet and productive environment for individuals working or learning within these spaces by seamlessly adapting to different sound levels. 

The ease of installation and reconfiguration makes them an efficient choice for evolving work environments where adaptability is crucial.

Retractable Walls

Retractable walls come with specific technical specifications and are part of operable wall systems that offer excellent acoustic ratings. 

These walls provide a seamless integration of movable features with superior sound performance.

One noteworthy aspect of retractable walls is their ability to effortlessly divide spaces without compromising sound quality. 

The advanced mechanisms within these walls allow for smooth operation, making it easy to customise a room’s layout in moments. 

These walls enhance the aesthetic appeal of any space and ensure privacy and noise reduction, making them ideal for versatile environments like conference rooms, banquet halls, and event spaces.

Demountable Walls

Demountable walls feature panels with acoustic insulation properties and sliding wall mechanisms for easy reconfiguration. 

These walls offer a sustainable and adaptable solution for space management needs.

The individual panels of demountable walls allow for a high level of customisation, facilitating the creation of various configurations to meet specific space requirements.

 The acoustic insulation properties of these panels provide privacy and noise reduction, enhancing overall workspace comfort.

The sliding mechanisms enable swift adjustments, making it effortless to alter the layout as needed.

 This flexibility not only allows for quick space reorganisation but also promotes a dynamic environment that can evolve with changing needs.

What Are Acoustic Movable Walls?

Acoustic movable walls are versatile partitions featuring acoustic panels designed to provide specific acoustic ratings. 

They offer a flexible solution for optimising space functionality.

Constructed with materials that reduce sound transmission, acoustic movable walls are engineered to partition areas effectively, creating adaptable spaces with varying acoustic properties. 

These walls are equipped with soundproofing features that help in controlling noise levels and ensuring privacy within a shared environment. 

By leveraging specialised rating systems, such as Sound Transmission Class (STC) and Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC), acoustic movable walls play a crucial role in enhancing the overall acoustics of a space. 

Whether in offices, educational institutions, or hospitality venues, these walls contribute significantly to a conducive environment by offering both sound management and space optimisation.

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Request a quote from Acoustic Movable Walls to find out more about the costs of movable partitions with acoustic features. 

Our team can provide detailed information on floor track systems and acoustic specifications tailored to your project requirements.

When you contact Acoustic Movable Walls, you can expect a team of experts who excel in creating customised solutions for your specific needs.

 Whether you require soundproof partitions for a professional office environment or versatile room dividers for a dynamic co-working space, our specialists are well-equipped to deliver. 

Their in-depth knowledge of various floor track configurations ensures that the partitions seamlessly integrate into your space while providing optimal functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Need Planning Permission for a Partition Wall?

Planning permission for a partition wall may be necessary, especially for structural alterations or changes that impact building regulations. 

Consulting with local authorities or building professionals is recommended to guide planning requirements.

It’s important to assess the scale and nature of the work when considering the need for planning permission. 

Structural modifications or alterations that affect the building’s stability or external appearance typically require official approval. 

If the property is located within a conservation area or is a listed building, strict regulations may apply, necessitating permission for even minor changes. 

Seeking expertise from architects or planning consultants can help navigate these complexities and ensure adherence to regulatory frameworks.

acoustic moveable walls faqs

Why should I choose acoustic movable walls for my space?

Acoustic movable walls offer numerous benefits, including sound reduction, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. 

They can create private and quiet areas for offices, classrooms, or event spaces and can be easily changed or removed to adapt to different needs. 

Additionally, they can help improve the overall aesthetics of a space, as they come in various styles and finishes.

Can acoustic movable walls be used in all types of spaces?

Acoustic movable walls can be used in a wide range of spaces, including offices, conference rooms, schools, hotels, and more. 

They are highly versatile and can be customised to fit any space, making them a great solution for both small and large areas.

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